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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prior Information Retracted From False Source

It has come to our attention here at the Roger Waters Tour Blog that our prior linking for Roger Waters Tour Forum was inaccurate. We have been receiving false information from a source that the Roger Waters Forum on was being moved to a Invision hosted board. This also may jeopardize other information printed here about the Roger Waters Enigma as well as the Question and Answer Session believed to have happened in Brazil last month. We do apologise for not correctly fact checking and confirming info from this source, however in our defence the source was a former member of Roger Waters touring staff and had the credentials to prove it. We will no longer be releasing any information from this source and have removed all links and articles relevant too it. We will continue to host the Roger Waters Enigma information because this has been given to us by multiple sources and has not been proven fraudulent as of now. If anyone has legitimate information proving the Roger Waters Enigma to be false please contact us via the comment box preceding this post. Also we would like to note if not already made clear by our disclaimer: Links here, like many blogs are a mixture of paid sponsor's and official sites. Once again we apologise for this false information and thank you for visiting Roger Waters Blog.

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