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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Wall Immersion Box Set

The Wall Immersion Box Set

Immersion Editions present the complete artistic experience.  Lavishly packaged in a sturdy 29cm square box, the sets contain remastered, previously unreleased and audio-visual material, plus much additional content – reproduced memorabilia, brand new graphics, art prints, collectors’ items, lavish booklets and more.

One of the most acclaimed concept albums of all time, The Wall from 1979 is renowned as Roger Waters’ Rock Opera dealing with abandonment and personal isolation. Adapted for cinema by Alan Parker featuring Bob Geldof in the lead role, and featuring the unique artwork of Gerald Scarfe the album also yielded the hit single Another Brick In The Wall Pt2. The Immersion version features
the classic Studio album digitally remastered and presented as a limited edition high quality boxset featuring rare and unreleased audio and video material, plus a new 44 oversized perfect-bound booklet, a book of original photographs, exclusive merchandise and facsimile collectables.
DISCS 1&2 – CDs 1&2
The Wall digitally remastered by James Guthrie, 2011
DISCS 3&4 - CDs 3&4
The Wall album demos (previously unreleased)
DISCS 5&6 - CDs 5&6
Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live (digitally remastered in 2011 by James Guthrie)
Another Brick In The Wall pt2 promotional video – restored in 2011
Behind The Wall documentary
Gerald Scarfe Interview
Short filmed extract of Earls Court concert featuring animation
44 page 27cm x 27cm booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson
Exclusive photo book
27cm x 27cm Exclusive Storm Thorgerson Art Print
5 x Collectors’ Cards featuring art and comments by Storm Thorgerson
Replica of The Wall Tour Ticket
Replica of The Wall Backstage Pass
Prints/Cards of Mark Fisher’s stage drawings
3 x white marbles with design of bricks
9 x Coasters (unique to this box) featuring early Storm Thorgerson design sketches
4-8 page credits booklet

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Note From Roger about The Endless River

Dear Friends

Some people have been asking Laurie, my wife, about a new album I have coming out in November. Errhh? I don't have an album coming out, they are probably confused. David Gilmour and Nick Mason have an album coming out. It's called The Endless River. David and Nick constitute the group Pink Floyd. I on the other hand, am not part of Pink Floyd. I left Pink Floyd in 1985, that's 29 years ago. I had nothing to do with either of the Pink Floyd studio albums, Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell, nor the Pink Floyd tours of 1987 and 1994, and I have nothing to do with The Endless River. Phew! This is not rocket science people, get a grip. There will be no Pink Floyd tour and any news about a David Gilmour Tour can be found here.
On another subject, my recent trip to Bruxelles was very moving. To listen to the testimony of some of those present in Gaza during the euphemistically named Operation Protective Edge, July and August 2014 was deeply disturbing. I am still non plussed by the acquiescence of the governments of the USA, UK and EU to the policies of the current Israeli administration. Should we encourage our leaders to sue for a peaceful solution or not? Here is a link to the findings of The Russell Tribunal on Palestine emergency session 2014:
Please study these findings and any rebuttals and then make up your own minds. Whatever you decide, let us all agree that, "To stand by silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all."

Love Roger

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pink Floyd releases The Endless River 11/10/2014

A new Pink Floyd album, entitled The Endless River, is due for release November 10 2014. Spanning 18 tracks, the album will be available on standard CD, double vinyl, and as a deluxe box set that includes 39-minutes of extra material. Of particular note is the inclusion of original organ recordings from Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright, taken from rehearsals dating back to June 1969. The Endless River contains four different pieces on each side of the record, which focus on the “more atmospheric and digressive aspects of Pink Floyd and includes snippets of conversation. Multiple tracks contain lyrics embracing the full history of the band. There will be no Pink Floyd tour as a subsequent David Gilmour Solo Album is expected to be released in 2015 followed with a David Gilmour Tour shortly after.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A note from Roger:

Recently I received a copy of a letter sent from Guantanamo by Shaker Aamer, a UK resident, who has been detained in Gitmo without trial for 12 years. Shaker's letter was forwarded by Clive Stafford Smith, a man I have met, who tirelessly advocates the rule of law, and every human being's right to a fair trial. In his letter Shaker quotes some lyrics of mine and it was on those grounds that Clive forwarded the letter to me. I felt it important that Shaker's story is heard, and that Clive Stafford Smith’s and Reprieve's attachment to the law is Is recognized as being fundamentally important to us all. Love Roger Please visit: Reprieve delivers justice and saves lives, from death row to Guantánamo Bay. We investigate, we litigate and we educate, working on the frontline, providing legal support to prisoners unable to pay for it themselves. We promote the rule of law around the world, and secure each person’s right to a fair trial. And in doing so, we save lives. Reprieve prioritises the cases of prisoners accused of the most extreme crimes, such as acts of murder or terrorism, as it is in such cases that human rights are most likely to be jettisoned or eroded. Reprieve focuses on cases involving the world’s most powerful governments, especially those that should be upholding the highest standards when it comes to fair trials.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Roger Waters CBS 60 Minutes Interview

Roger Waters Tickets are selling so fast the tour is breaking attendance records. Roger Waters spoke with CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ on Sunday May 20 to talk about the tour, reasons for leaving Pink Floyd, and how he wishes everyone would just leave their cell phones at home. Interviewer Steve Kroft calls Roger Waters “prickly” however he adds that even at 68, the legendary songwriter is also “gracious” and “totally committed to his work.” Steve Asked why ‘The Wall’ has had such staying power with fans, Waters replied, “I think it strikes some chords that may be just beneath surface in most of us. What it’s about is the walls that exist between human beings, whether on a family level or on a global level. And I think that resonates with people.” Roger Waters has taken great pains in the stage show to reproduce the sound of the original record, even using several artists to replicate — note for note — what Pink Floyd’s singer and guitarist David Gilmour did. That made Steve ask the obvious question: did Waters ever think about pulling his old band mates back in? He barely had the question out of his mouth before Waters stopped him. “There must have been a reason back in 1985 why I left Pink Floyd, left the name, left that big umbrella of comfort … and there was a reason for why I did, okay,” he said. “And [that reason] didn’t go away, certainly, in the intervening 25 years or however long it’s been.” But something Roger feels has changed are concert-goers — specially, the ones who wield cell phones at his shows. “It drives me insane,” he said, adding that he does not understand why people are so focused on taking photos of the show and staring at a tiny screen when there’s “this huge spectacle” going on in front of them. Bitching aside, though, Waters loves his job — and has no illusions about the life of a rock star. “People always used to say, it must be so hard you know, how do you do it? You know, it must be so hard being on the road, being in a rock and roll band. It’s amazing that you survived. And I would look at them like, what are you talking about?” he said. “It’s the easiest job in the world … I mean, compared with something really hard, like for instance, looking after a two-year-old child, it’s an absolute doddle.” Roger Waters Tour CBS 60 Minutes Video