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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The truth will set us free as we stand with you.

Since visiting Israel and the occupied territories in 2006, I have been part of an international movement to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

I am honored to have been asked by the Palestinian BDS National Committee, to announce an initiative, to hold the World Social Forum Free Palestine in Porto Alegre, Brazil in November of this year, in cooperation with the Brazilian social movement and international civil society networks.

The object will be to create an international gathering there, that will encourage the basic human instinct in all men and women of good faith to unite in support of the Palestinian people in their struggle for self determination.

All over the world, our movement is growing.

Encouraged by events like the one coming here to Brazil, our voice will grow.

We will continue our call for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, for the tearing down of The Walls of colonization and apartheid, for the creation of a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem, for the granting of full and equal rights to the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and for promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes as required by the Geneva convention, as stipulated in UN resolution 194, in 1949 and as restated by the International Court of Justice on the 9th of July 2004.

I find myself greatly encouraged by the growth of this movement in Israel, particularly among young Jewish Israelis, not least ‘Boycott From Within,’ With whom I am in contact.

We stand with you.

Events in Israel and the occupied territories are not widely or accurately reported in the west. The coming World Social Forum Free Palestine in Porto Alegre will help to break down The Walls of misinformation and complicity.

I urge people of conscience to support this forum and help make it a turning point in the international solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The truth will set us free

In Solidarity,

Roger Waters

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  1. I want my grandfather house too. My grandfather fled from Yamman in 1947 after a Muslim cut his older son's throat.
    Silly ha ?! Asking for our houses back from places like Iran, Iraq,Siria,Egypt. If we would go to live there they will kill us. If what you suggest - returning Palestinians muslims to their great grandfather house - they would kill us again.
    So, i would suggest you google a bit for Antisemitism i the Arab world. Learn the history of conflict.
    They hate Jews Mr Waters; and this not Europe; The rules of common sense do not apply here. They kill.