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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Note From Roger about The Endless River

Dear Friends

Some people have been asking Laurie, my wife, about a new album I have coming out in November. Errhh? I don't have an album coming out, they are probably confused. David Gilmour and Nick Mason have an album coming out. It's called The Endless River. David and Nick constitute the group Pink Floyd. I on the other hand, am not part of Pink Floyd. I left Pink Floyd in 1985, that's 29 years ago. I had nothing to do with either of the Pink Floyd studio albums, Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell, nor the Pink Floyd tours of 1987 and 1994, and I have nothing to do with The Endless River. Phew! This is not rocket science people, get a grip. There will be no Pink Floyd tour and any news about a David Gilmour Tour can be found here.
On another subject, my recent trip to Bruxelles was very moving. To listen to the testimony of some of those present in Gaza during the euphemistically named Operation Protective Edge, July and August 2014 was deeply disturbing. I am still non plussed by the acquiescence of the governments of the USA, UK and EU to the policies of the current Israeli administration. Should we encourage our leaders to sue for a peaceful solution or not? Here is a link to the findings of The Russell Tribunal on Palestine emergency session 2014:
Please study these findings and any rebuttals and then make up your own minds. Whatever you decide, let us all agree that, "To stand by silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all."

Love Roger

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  1. É complicado, toda vez que se fala em Pink Floyd, as pessoas acharem que você ainda faz parte da banda! Afinal associam sua imagem, como sendo a alma e cérebro do grupo, fazer o que? Bom, respeito suas opiniões e tenho um enorme prazer em ouvir suas composições, parabéns pelo seu empenho em causas que a maioria das pessoas nem sonhariam em ter. Grande abraço, de seu fã José Eduardo Galiano.